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Strategic value

Seasoned marketing communications manager with five years of experience in agencies, five years on the client side in corporate communications and five years with editorial departments of industry magazines. 

  • Brand positioning and creative messaging strategies for competitive markets and product launches.
  • Produce integrated marketing plans, creative briefs & competitive intelligence.
  • Plan web and mobile content for internal and external readerships.
  • Organize and integrate online pressroom content based on journalists’ preferences/habits. 
  • Discover what is authentically newsworthy about your company and make it news.
  • Position your company's executives as thought leaders within their field, positioning them as go-to predictors of future industry trends.
Tactics and deliverables
  • Content editorial: planning, writing and integrating web, social and email copy (CMS-ready).
  • Business writing: feature articles, case studies, executive biographies, native advertising, white papers, op-ed columns and speeches.
  • Media relations: strategic planning, press releases, talking points and media pitches.
  • Print collateral development
  • Trade-show and conference marketing
  • Vendor management
Software skills
  • Adobe CS: Photoshop and Acrobat Professional, enough InDesign to update copy
  • Apple iWork: iDVD, iMovie (video editing), Keynote, Pages
  • Microsoft SharepointJoomla and Google Sites content management systems 
  • Basic html cleanup
  • Social content marketing strategy and execution (I have controlled as many as 10 Twitter accounts simultaneously with Tweetdeck and Hootsuite) 
  • Bulk SMS text-messaging to internal audiences
  • MS Office: “Super-user” in Word and PowerPoint, proficient enough in Excel to not harm anyone.
  • Google Drive apps (used as collaborative project management space)
  • Basecamp - end user in large interactive agency environment
  • Mapping my software skills


    Video editing project (below) Just for fun, I mixed this 
music video using 3D content from Google Earth and still 
photography with Apple's iMovie video production app:
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